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little story for ya

he was washing his hands in the sink the first time i ever saw him. the girls bathroom at school had been full. two stalls housed females, excreting piss and crap; the last stall, the handicapped one, was occupied by three girls. those ones were smoking cigarettes and bantering in lazy voices about how the school fucking sucks. i had to pee and i hated the occupants and i hated the cunt smokers so i went into the boys bathroom.

nobody was in there, save for him. i knew his name was john, and i knew what he was wearing, and i knew where he sat in history class. he was in my class and he sat in the corner. so in actuality, it wasn't the first time i had seen him. but it was the first time i had seen him outside of a classroom where we did not speak anyway.

"what are you doing in here?" he asked me.
"peeing. girls room was full."

i disappeared into the stall and the way he was looking at me made my cheeks hot and my fingers tremble. very awkward. when i got in the stall i realized that i did not, in face, need to urinate. i couldn't. it was like something inside my body froze and would not allow the yellow liquid to escape. and i knew he was still there, and done washing his hands, because the water no longer ran in the sink and i hadn't heard the door close.

after deciding that i was not going to urinate, i flushed the toilet anyhow, just as not to look weird, and walked out. he was standing about three feet away from the door now, next to a urinal. and his penis was out and hard; pointed up at the rotting ceiling tiles. at first, in shock, i could not help but look. was this for real? however, after the split second that it took my brain to process this imagery, i looked away quickly. i was too overwhelmed with odd and shocking feelings to walk around him and make my way to the door, so i stood there, frozen.

"can't leave until you give me a blowjob," he said.
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