flat on my face...its real... (whiteguy) wrote in intouchi,
flat on my face...its real...

flight of a cold night

I'm walking to the pier in a sandstorm
The waves crash just beneath my feet
Sand and shells fly past my face
Cutting my flesh and stinging my limbs
As my sorry attempt to block the chaos fails

The sky grows black as the windstorm intensifies
My strength is telling me I have no more to give
I fall fast in the edging sand
Awaiting my last breath to breach

Eyes shut.
No one speaks.

Half open, dry and pouring
I see the light of the ship merry
It glows beneath the drowning clouds
Drawing an outline of my sadistic mortal soul
And follows my broken flesh as I rise

Up into the sky of a bent lit moon
Soaking me in love of a seven year sun
This light it floats me to the heights of merry
And my heart fills its empty hole

Eyes open.
Say it again.

Together we die,
And come alive
Tonight we soar like doves in the winter's wind
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