flat on my face...its real... (whiteguy) wrote in intouchi,
flat on my face...its real...

ask your stereo for directions

You are.
My angel, but your wings are gone
I would
Fly to you darling, but
I am.
Stuck here on the ground

I could send letters to people and places to aid my search to your eyes
Then match my words in way of travel in space in dreaming and time.

I am.
Drawing maps filled with
Twisted rails and long days
Of this.
Pursuing my complicated means

So I draw a sketch of your hair on a page on lines and tears along the edges
Then match my mind's depiction of your stunning complexion with ink.

This map in red.
Arrow pointing up
Up, up down around.
Its a sign pointing straight at you.
Its a one way street,
So sorry, and


I found your wings.

But I.


Find you.
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