flat on my face...its real... (whiteguy) wrote in intouchi,
flat on my face...its real...

I don't want to die. But I would if it made you want me like you did that late November.

Holding my nerves in my hand
If I could just learn to dance
The world would look at my inside
To be mixing
And spindling
My pulse like a motionless bulb

Take me as I am
My failures and my plans
Tell me that I'm good
I'll tell you that you should
Two weeks is too long for me
Its an eternity

People watch me as I sing
Knowing just what tomorrow brings
Making something different everyday
Just to dream
And always breath
My lungs they burst like new flowers bloom

Take me as I am
I'll take you as you are
I'll tell you that you're good
If you tell me that I should
One week is forever
Just long enough to say never and i'm never and never forever

Candles make the room pleasant
Memories I will not forget
I think about you every hour
I feel your heartbeat
Its slower and softer and softly dying out

So will you
Will you let me hold you
And be your heart's favorite thing
Your only
Your greatest
Most commonly familiar healing personal experience to love to love and love and only
Only because you..

(Because I don't think you know who you really are, I could show you if you let me in for a while. I swear I'm the best thing for you and whether you would like me to, I'd like to. I could make you want to .. too. Don't say you love me unless you can paint as well as you said you could.)
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