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I see it around me, I see it in everything...

It still surprises me how many times my heart could break and be put back together. Even now, after the storm is over...none the's still breaking. Maybe it just never stopped. The rain is a constant, but sometimes I just try not to listen to it anymore. It used to be a comfort, just knowing that it was there. But anymore it just hurts. It's cold, and it's lonely. There's nobody holding my hand and running through it this time. This is something that only I can deal with. The end came, and I always wanted to believe that maybe that day would never come. But it's okay...I'll be okay. But what about you? That's all I really want. Happiness. For both of us. I can't do anything further than saying I'm sorry. What's been done has been done, and there's no taking it back. Maybe it's better this way. And there's always going to be that little piece of myself that will never believe it so. I just wish that the cold rain would match the warmth of the tears falling down my face. My fingers are cold and I'm tired of wandering lost. I just want to go home. I just want to sleep. Please don't visit me in those dreams. Please don't think that it wasn't worth anything. It was worth everything. And if only this rain would stop falling then maybe I could see a little further ahead into life to tell you that everything is going to be okay, to once again make a promise to you that I would never break. Forever. It's a scar, cross my heart, a place that will never go away, a time that will always haunt and torment me. But a dream in the same. Such a small moment in time, when you think of how long we've been on this earth before ever knowing one another's touch. Funny how such a short moment in time could change the rest of your life. That's what you did for me. And I thank you for that. My heart won't stop breaking until yours does. So then maybe this means that we'll just always feel this bit of pain in our hearts. Some things never fade. Some memories must be kept sacred. Just remember, I'm thinking of you, wherever you are. And although that may not be enough for you, it's all I have to give, it's everything to me.

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